Friday, 7 March 2014


I've been pondering over this post.  I think the hardest thing about this blog is that I started it before we started the business.  It was a place to document my photography journey but at the same time it was a space to share my thoughts.. a diary if you like. As time went on and the business grew and more people started to follow the blog the line between your 'personal' and your 'business' starts to blur.. what should or shouldn't I share? Is it controversial? Is it too personal?  What's inkeeping with our 'brand'? (this one sucks.. who cares if it's inkeeping?! It's MY blog! It doesn't creep in to my head often but when it does I want to chase it out with a broom)

Most photographer's blogs are mainly a place to share their work with the odd personal post but to me I want the opposite.  This feels like my personal space so much more than my 'business' space. To be honest, if you want to see our work.. you can go check out our website.  If you want to know about us, what we're up to, how we're feeling.. then pull up a pew..

Sometimes I find this social media world that we've all moved in to is such a strange place.  We share, we sometimes over share, we choose what we show, what we hide... sometimes we want to say everything.. we want to scream at the screen.. and other times we want to simply disconnect completely.  We celebrate, we grieve, we promote, we hide, we support, we follow, we protest.. we live.. all within the comments and likes and messages and posts..

I'll be honest sometimes I think this new online society we live in now is pretty crazy.  But there is definitely one thing that completely blows me away me every single day.


This online community that we live in has given us more friends than we could ever have imagined.  Over the past five years or so, tiny connections online.. a comment here or an email there soon became a collaboration or a meet up.. which then became an invite to a Birthday party, or to a wedding or a holiday.. which then became an all singing, all dancing one stop shop of fierce daily support.  Following each other's daily lives.. holding each other up.. ignoring the physical distance between us and just, god damn being there for one another through thick and thin.

It's strange.. most of you we rarely see.. some of you we've never even met, a few of you we see way too much of (ha!).. but this online community, for us is... pure gold.

The friends we've met along the way mean the absolute world to us.  I feel like I know you all so well.. your likes and dislikes, that camping holiday you went on.. the dinner you cooked last night.. the new top you bought.. the new project you're working on.. the wedding you shot on Saturday.  You play such a huge role in our lives and even if we've only met a few times, or if we only get to see you once in a blue moon.. or you're the other side of the world even, our daily connections online mean that you never feel far away.

So, really all I wanted to say to every single one of you that have come in to our lives.. is that we love you dearly... (and you all know who you are).
Big ginormous crashing waves of love.
Actual, 'hard to articulate' love.
It doesn't matter that we didn't go to school together or we haven't worked in the same office for years.. or you don't live up the road.

Your friendship means just as much to us...

.. and I just wanted to tell you all that.

I'd really like to dedicate this blog post to our beautiful friend Jo.


  1. i absolutely love your photos and reading about your life is really interesting.. keep on sharing!

  2. i love you, i miss you, i can't wait to kiss you next weekend... and hug you for about 45 minutes straight.

  3. we don't really think that much of you. bit awkward.

    i kid - bless you. i fucking love you guys. i have never been so grateful for you two. i'm thrilled that i am wearing my nipple gaffer tape in a serious pic. i so wish i could just relive a few seconds of that moment again.

    "thank you" seems pretty pathetic. i'll try + find some better words for next weekend.

  4. This is why I love your blog Emma.
    Sending you much love xXx

  5. Love you guys, can't wait to sit and drink in our PJs next weekend!